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Parents. I'll never understand them. They hurt us so deeply, but never acknowledge the pain or damage they've caused. They have their issues but why do they take it out on the innocent 4 year old child that will never understand what they did to wrought such anger. Pain that will always stay with them, never ceasing always constant like a knife lodged in their brain.

The memories I have of my parents are either the most happiest moments of my life or the most painful, but out of them the hurt and pain is all I remember and all I see when I look at them. And yes for some people my pain will seem meaningless, but for me it causes so much heartache and misery and is so deeply embedded in me that I don't know what I would be without it, which is the saddest part.

Remembering the good is like chiselling a stone trying to find a diamond, its rare but the result is marvellous and when I do remember the good it will always outshine the pain but stars don't live forever and eventually they to fade into the blackness.

I hope if I am ever a parent, my child will never feel like I have.

By A.M

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