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Fuck Love

What is love really?

From what I've seen love doesn't really exist.

From what I've seen it's all false love.

Love is what we all dream for hope for, but never truly find.

From what I've seen love uses you for its own benefit,

From what I've seen love doesn't love you.

Love is crowded in secrecy, drowned in sin and sorrow.

Love is not as pure as you think, Its wrong decisions and consequences.

From what I've seen its hidden calls from the bathroom,

From what I've seen its her tears don't matter,

From what I've heard its because she always fights,

From what I've heard I don't what to get sick because of her,

Love is excuses and lies,

False promises and broken hearts,

forgivness and regeret,

Unfaithfulness and stay,

Be strong for the kids,

Stay for the kids,

Only for the kids,

From what I've seen,

I love him more than her health,

her well-being,

her metal health,

her dead children,

her living children,


If love is like this I'd rather not love at all.

By A.M

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