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A writers' community for all readers and writers.

A free space to share every and anything, all are welcome and appreciated. I thank you all for visiting and hope this gave you some freedom from the world and all its bullshit.


-Love, Anonymous Me xox

"We are authors.

Writing the words that can't be said,

it's our job"


Illustrated Neighbouhood  Street


What beauty do we hold but ourselves, the life we hold so close to our breast, that the thought of letting it go pushes us to...


Life does not wait for those who weep. Life does not wait for you. Life does not care who you are. Life does not care what you do. Life...

My Forever Love

They say love is forever, but I have yet to love. My love awaits me, in a far distant land. I call it by day. I call it by night. Calling...

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