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We've all got it in us, that never ending will to do more, to be better. It's just in most cases people leave that will to do better behind when they find contentment. And it's not to say contentment is unsatisfactory, no- it's just not everything you're capable of achieving.

I suffer with what we call chronic depression and bipolar disorder it's quite a mess really, but its me. I live amazing days and ones which I'd rather not talk about but what causes me the most agony is the fact that since I've started doing what I've wanted be it 3 years ago, I've only started to make real progress now. Only now am I slowly learning to work with my disorders and still get better, be better and do the things I've always wanted to. It's going to be a long journey, but I'm willing to take the risks and be myself unaltered with all the mess, because it's just me.


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