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I've come to accept that very few people will accept you for who you are. Very few people will accept your dreams and ambitions without judgment and critique. My own mother thinks my gender limits me, basically saying my vagina makes me weaker, that I can't do the things I want to because I have a vagina. My family are like a noose, it slowly tightens whenever I show them a glimpse of the real me. I know now I can never really be me with my parents they would never understand nor accept me which hurt me more than words can describe. I am extremely disappointed with the for not even trying to understand or accept me and I've had enough. I've grown I'm no longer a scared child I'm me and if they don't like it to doesn't concern me. I've been nothing but a caring child but they've never once opened their minds and accepted me however I am. I am nothing but a disappointment to them and they are nothing but a disappointment to me.

By A.M

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