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A writers' community for all readers and writers.

A free space to share every and anything, all are welcome and appreciated. I thank you all for visiting and hope this gave you some freedom from the world and all its bullshit.


-Love, Anonymous Me xox

"We are authors.

Writing the words that can't be said,

it's our job"


Illustrated Neighbouhood  Street


I want to buy a house with a big garden. Somewhere far away, away from the people that know me, the people that have restrained my life,...

I came back

I came back. I came back 'home' when I knew I had to. Not for anyone but myself, I'm selfish like that I saw a opportunity and I took it....


We've all got it in us, that never ending will to do more, to be better. It's just in most cases people leave that will to do better...

Our Gods

They send their mighty birds of steel to bomb our homes and kill our kin. They say they are our saviours still, when they send those...

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